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Why 3D Stretching is the only way to stretch!


If we asked how many people stretched before taking part in physical activity, the answer from most people would be yes. We are taught to stretch from the time we start participating in sports as it makes us more flexible and less likely to get injured. Or does it? Research on static stretching has always been conflicted, with a lot of it concluding flexibility is not increased and the risk of injury is not decreased, so why do so many people still use it?

Although stretching is important in ensuring the right muscles can lengthen appropriately throughout the range of motion, the problem found with a conventional static stretch is that they do not replicate functional movements. In order to have true flexibility, 3 aspects need to  be involved: the ability of the muscles, fascia and joint capsules to lengthen, the ability of the  neurological  system to control  the movement and strength of the muscles performing the movement, stabilising your core and stabilising the joint through the movement.

3D stretching provides a method of conventional stretching which covers all 3 aspects mentioned above. An example of a 3D quad stretch is to kneel with one leg on the ground with that knee flexed, ensuring your heel is touching your bum (against a wall), whilst bending the opposite leg out to the front. In order to get the 3D stretch you have to ensure you stretch through the 3 planes of movement. These are:

– Forwards and backwards (Saggital Plane)

-Side to side (Frontal Plane)

-Rotation (Transverse Plane)

This different type of stretch means the muscles need to lengthen through the different ranges of movement making it a much more functional way to stretch the muscles.

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