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Welcome to the Breathing Pattern Re-Training section

Breathing Pattern Training Has Become The New ‘Functional Training’ with some much hype in the past three or four years that unfortunately information has become diluted and research misinterpreted as we attempt to bring clinical research into the performance area.

In this section over the coming months you will be unlocking some key movements and methods that I use on a daily basis. In this article I would like to explain to you my take on breathing pattern retraining and why I do what I do and how I will teach you to breathe correctly without a second thought!

Breathing Needs To Happen Automatically

There is a lot of diaphragmatic breathing and belly breathing drills doing the rounds at the moment with some conscious cues to help achieve an action that essentially our brain does automatically without us having to think about it thankfully. Imagine having to think about breathing every second of the day. Imagine how tiring and ineffective use of energy that would be? Our brain is clever and can do this automatically with a gentle nudge that I will show you in the coming months.

Diaphragm Is A Muscle That Can Be Trained

We need a shift in focus on the diaphragm and realise it is a muscle and just get it to lengthen eccentrically and concentrically like we do anymore muscle. Granted it is a unique muscle and plays a massive postural stability role in our core, however we can approach this muscle like any other and similarly to the 3D stretching approach, lengthen this muscle correctly so that it has no choice but to give a nice concentric contraction in the form of a nice inhalation without having to think about it. Most people are going after a concentric contraction of the diaphragm, whereas I have learned and will teach you that if we focus on eccentrically loading the diaphragm muscle then the concentric part is so much easier like nearly every other muscle in your body!

I will show you how easy this is to do int he coming months.

Nose or Mouth Breathing?

YES! In my opinion we need to train both as you will use both in a run. Nose and mouth breathing actually use two different systems and therefore will need to be trained slightly different, which I will cover with you and train both simulatenously month by month as we progressively get you onto your feet and master control of your breathing pattern subconsciously.

The Ribcage Needs To Mobilise

Just like the diaphragm is a muscle, the ribcage needs to be able to go through a full range of motion also. Getting the ribcage to mobilise will effectively allow us to lengthen our abdominals correctly so the concentric action of the abdominals is nice and easy!

However when we run, usually one side of the ribcage is doing the opposite to the other side of the ribcage. Further more, the abdominals on one side are doing something different to the other, all the time while the brain is having to help us breathe in the background.

I have some nice and easy movements that take all this into consideration that we will progress you through pretty quickly as you progress and improve!

We Need To Breathe In Different Phases Through Different Parts Of The Gait Pattern

This is something that very few do in my opinion, is integrate the breathing phases of inhalation and exhalation in the key mechanical positions that the body goes through when walking and running. Because on any given step, you might be inhaling or exhaling. Once you have mastered the basics, we will cover this eventually and is really the final piece to the puzzle.

We spend quite a bit of time covering this in great detail and fastback it into our program in the ‘High Performance Program’.

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