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Breathing Mechanics – Effect of Breathing On Running
The video will give you an outline of the importance of this program and how it will transform how you run.


Breathing Mechanics Intro 2nd
We will need to train both mouth and nose breathing. We will use both when running but nose breathing is essential when sleeping in order to help you recover between runs.Nose V Mouth Breathing

Diaphragm Self Test


Self Test 1 –
Here, I will show you how to perform a correct breath. This lesson is worth mastering as it will be a big part of EVERYTHING you do from here on in.

Live Demonstrations


Breathing Subconsious Humming
Here is a live version of the Subconscious Humming Protocol. Lips together, teeth apart, tongue on the roof of your mouth, keep your eyes focused on a spot in front of you. Inhale through your nose and hum effortlessly for as long as possible. At the end of the hum, pause for a second, swallow, inhale and repeat for a total of 3 reps.


Breathing Mechanics Conscious Breathing Balloon Tutorial 
This is a live demo of the Ballon Breathing Tutorial. Breathe in through your nose for 2 seconds, exhale effortlessly but continuously into the balloon for 6 seconds in total. Pinch the bridge of the balloon, pause for a second, inhale through the nose and exhale again into the balloon for a total of 3 repetitions or until the balloon fills completely. Repeat for a total of 3 full balloons.

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