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Phase 5- Progressing The Conscious Gait Recruitment Patterns

Phase 5 – Progressing the conscious gait recruitment patterns.

We are going to progress the gait recruitment patterns further in this next phase. Up to now, we have focused predominantly on getting one leg’s muscles doing what they needs to do as a team either when the foot hits the floor and the hip compresses or the foot pushes off the floor and the hip decompresses.

We will now begin to focus on getting both hips and limbs doing work at the same time now while continuing to reinforce our diaphragm work through good exhalations.

As always, On the right foot or the foot that decompresses the hips, ‘shifting your knee forward’ we are focusing on 40% of the weight through the ball of the little toe, 30% through the ball of the big toe and 30% through the heel. This should allow you to feel your arch of your foot engage slightly.

The other very important point is when asked to push both feet into the wall, using both cues as above but actually remembering to push BOTH feet into the wall. You will be amazed at what engaging one foot can do to recruit a muscle on the completely opposite side and all you to actually ‘feel’ the muscle engage. This just highlights the wonderful complexity of the body.

Ensure the hips stay stacked and are not allowed to fall backwards on any exercise either. When asked to reach with a leg, this will automatically turn on the opposite sides hip so if you feel that muscle working or cramping, do not worry!!

Breathing in for 2 seconds and out for 6 seconds.

This phase of your core training is where you are going to see some really big gains and notice some major differences in how you move. Any we haven’t even got you up to subconscious gait retraining yet!

Knee to Knee 

This exercise is now going to work both hips together, while one is compressing, one is decompressing, while the feet are also stimulating different parts of the floor to really light up your brain and remind it of how these muscles ideally will work when running. Please ensure the bottom leg is touching the wall and using the correct foot engagement percentages. Ensure the feet stay in contact with the wall throughout the movement, especially when shifting the right hip forwards. You can use a belt instead of a theraband if you do not have one available.  Hold each reps for 6 second exhalations. Repeat x6 reps.

Right Glute Medius With Left Hip Rotators and Left Abs 

This exercise teaches your brain how to push from one leg over to the other leg effectively when running. The most important part of this exercise is been able to reach that top leg downwards so the top hip is slightly lower than the bottom hip. This will cause your left hip to feel the muscles working and the abdominals engage. This will be further cemented through breaking in for 2 seconds and out for 6 seconds.  Also it is very important to ensure the hips stay stacked at all times and the top hip is not allowed fall backwards. Hold each reps for 6 seconds exhalations. Repeat x6 reps.

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