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Core Training Phase 2

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Phase 2- Helping the muscles to respond

Phase 2 – Helping the muscles to respond to a stimulus

In this phase, we are mainly focusing on the core muscles in a traditional isometric fashion. There is  lot to be said for training the core isometrically in low load situations if done so correctly.

Before you perform a core activation, I would first like you to perform a release exercise or foam roll around the area whichever pre running marker you are consistently down at. You will perform a corrective exercise release first for 6 seconds, then perform the exercises to the left for 6 seconds each. Repeat this process for a total of 6 repetitions.

If it is your ankle mobility is down usually and your achilles or calf is restricted then this would be the mobilisation. Pick a trigger point, foam rolling or active mobilisation of your choice for that area and perform for 6 seconds, followed by the exercise on the left.

If it is your hips, again a trigger point, foam roll or active stretch to the hip capsule and surrounding areas are good areas to start with followed by the core activation exercise.

If it is your toe touch consistently then performing a hip capsule stretch again may be a good option or any of the sciatic nerve options in the nerve library.

If its the adduction drop test, then performing any of the corrective exercises from the corrective exercise section is a good idea or rolling the hip area.


Activation – Rectus Abdominis And Transverse Abdominis
Ensure that your hip is flexed below 90 degrees to ensure you do not use your hip flexors. Also ensure that your lower back is not arched. Concentrate on your breathing throughout. It is only a light activation up into the coffee table. a 40% pressure at most and focus on the exhalation to get the most out of this exercise.


Activation – Glute Medius
This muscle is often neglected in core training. We will target dynamically in the 3d stretching section however it is worth isolating with some activation work early doors. Hold for 3 deep breaths, in for 2 seconds, out for 6 seconds. Make sure you feel it in your outside bum muscle and not in your back.


Activation – Proximal Quadriceps
Perform3 sets of 6 deep breaths each side. This is the ‘bottom front’ of the core and in most runners is inhibited.


Activation – End Range Glute Max Transverse Plane
This muscle is often inhibited and needs some targeting especially for anyone with a history of back pain. It is often neglected. Hold the contact no more than 40% pressure. Breathe in for 2 seconds, out for 6 seconds. Ensure you feel it in your bum muscles and not your glute.

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