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Core Training Phase 3

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Core Training Phase 3- Consolidating the previous two phases

Phase 3 – Consolidating and cementing.

In this phase it is all about progressing the previous two phases concurrently. We will simply add in progressions using slightly different tweaks but will also add in extra resistance in the form of balloon breathing.

We also add in the obliques into the frame to help with cross linking of limbs. You may continue to perform ‘desensitisation releases’ on any muscles that are prone to tightness still before doing these activation exercises if you so wish.


Breathing With Balloon
Breathing With Balloon


Activation – Obliques
This exercise will target the oblique muscles, holding each for 1 deep breath. In for 2 seconds, out for 6 seconds each direction.

Activation – Dying Bugs
This is a great exercise to help your ribcage stay set while you concentrate on your breathing. In for 2 seconds out for 6 seconds. Only move the limb on the exhalation and make sure you do not let your back arch.

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