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Welcome to the 3D Stretching library

3D Stretching changed the way I worked about 5 years ago. It was a big ‘ah ha’ moment for me. Muscles need to slide and glide independently of each other and twist and turn. 99% of traditional stretching will not allow muscles to slide and glide independently of each other.

3D Stretching allows this to happen not only using the whole body but most of it is done in standing as your centre of mass goes forward, which is essentially what happens when running. Every time your brain gets involved in a movement, THAT IS A GOOD THING!

Think of 3D stretching as a CTRL ALT DELETE for a muscle. Honestly, I’ve used 3D stretching to stimulate a muscle that is not working as part of a system or similarly for a muscle that is stuck in tension. It takes a muscle through a journey and gives it no other option but to stimulate all it’s receptors so it causes a ‘reset’ in the brain to cause the muscle to adapt.

The other beauty of 3D Stretching is that we use our hands to cause a reaction in the lower limb for instance which causes the muscles to lengthen without you having to think consciously about stretching a muscle. This in my opinion, is why this stretching system is so powerful and why it is a game changer. We are influencing your brains perception about this muscle which is why we get such a big CTRL ALT DELETE of the muscle with these cool movements.

Every month, I will release 2 different 3D stretches for you to master. It takes time and practice to master these and therefore I recommend just adding these movements into your warm ups and enjoy the benefits of the outcome.

I will start with the big powerhouse muscles of running.

For now, master the basics and enjoy the first two movements. Every 2nd week, keep checking back for new movements to unlock.


Welcome to 3d Stretching Library

Each week, you will unlock different exercises that reflect the 3 dimensional lengthening that takes place for that particular muscle. We also pay particular attention to how these muscles work in gait.

For each movement, perform 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps while exhaling through the motion throughout. As always never hold your breath and any movements that don’t feel smooth and balanced, perform an extra set.

Essentials to Master Before Progressing

3d Stretching Centre of Mass Tutorial
Centre of Mass Tutorial is the KEY to 3D Stretching. This will show you how to CTLR ALT DELETE the muscle efficiently. Master this video before moving also the key stretches.

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