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3D Stretching Phase 5

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3D Stretching Phase 5


3D Stretching Hamstrings Transverse
This exercise movement mobilises the hamstrings as they lengthen as your body weight passes over the stationary foot. Its a great movement and the hamstrings are dysfunctional in this movement in a lot of people. Plane

Week 3, The Third Hamstring, The Adductors best friend.


3D Stretching Hamstrings Frontal Plane Distal Fibres
The hamstrings also need to lengthen in a side to side manner and are essential for switching weight between legs. This movement sequence will take it to the next level for you.


3d Stretching Lats
This movement helps those lat muscles to mobilise nicely. These big ‘bat wings’ can cause havoc on your lower back and breathing pattern if not mobilised correctly

Week 17, The Triceps

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