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Massage and Overhead Squats


Do you feel pain when overhead squatting? Although a full assessment with one of our physiotherapists would be the best way to help determine the cause of this pain, here is a quick self assessment you can try first to see if a lack of mobility in the shoulder is one of the main causes:

– Stand with back against wall, feet a few inches away from the wall

– Ensure you keep ribcage, head and lower back against the wall at all times

– Extend both arms out in front of you fully with straight elbows, keeping thumbs pointing upwards

-Maintain the position above as you raise arms to touch the wall overhead

Inability to reach the wall, movement of your ribcage, head or lower back away from the wall, or any pain when performing the movement are all indications to work on your shoulder mobility before performing overhead activities.

Lack of mobility at the shoulder can be influenced by the increased amount of time spent driving and working on computers, both of which promote a rounded shoulder posture. This lack of mobility and the limited amount of time our bodies spend executing this movement have led to poor movement quality when attempting to get into the overhead position. In turn the body will then use compensation strategies in order to move in the way it finds easiest. In this instance it is often hyper extension of the lower back with the head falling forwards.

Decreased mobility at the shoulder can be down to a variety of reasons, including overactive or inhibited muscles around the shoulder.  Deep tissue massage to these structures can be extremely beneficial , once determined what is causing the lack of mobility. Here at ProSport Physiotherapy we  will use our different approach to treatment in order to find the cause of the symptoms rather than simply treating the cause!!


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