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Massage for Runners – The Essentials

It is essential that muscles are able to move freely and independently of each other  in order to remain pain free. If this is not the case adhesions may form within the muscles causing them to “stick” to each other and therefore not allow free independent movement.

An example of this is your outside quad (or Vastus Lateralis) forming adhesions with the ITB. One way of breaking down these adhesions your self would be foam rolling in the same way as shown in the video.  A deep tissue sports massage in this area would also be able to help break the adhesions down.

You also need to remember not to neglect your shins! This is one of the most common areas people will not feel any pain or “tightness”, but they can become short and tight. It is vital that these are released in order to keep your body moving effectively during your runs. This video shows a helpful method of foam rolling your shins, or you can book yourself in for a deep tissue massage to let someone else take care of it for you!

Finally, it is important to allow yourself ample rest and recovery time, and use this time to get any little niggles you may be feeling checked out or any stiff muscles worked on by one our expert soft tissue therapists.

Remember, prevention is much easier than the cure!

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