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Dave’s Note: This Body Scan is a system I use sometimes to get the connection back between the brain and the actual limb. Even in those who are not injured at present, you will be surprised at how foggy a particular joint or muscle may feel compared to the other side or rest of the body. As always, there may be a story or reason for this to happen. This is worth trying even in healthy runners. 

Return From Long Term Injury – Mental Imagery

Body Scan: The brain can ‘lose’ connection with a joint after an injury, hence the muscle wasting and weakness, a body scan will allow you to identify ‘foggy’ or ‘loose’ connections between the brain and the joint.

• Lie on your back with your eyes closed.
• Focus your attention on each major joint in your body, starting at your neck then moving to the left shoulder, pause and think about the joint itself and the muscles surrounding it.
• Next move to the right side and repeat noting any difference in ‘foggyness’ or ‘connection’ between left and right. Now move onto the left elbow, right elbow, left wrist, right wrist.

• Now move towards the mid back and pause. Now the lower back. Again paying attention to your brains ‘connection’ with this body part.

• Now looking at your left hip joint, now your right hip joint.

• Your left knee joint, your right knee joint.

• Your left ankle, your right ankle.

• Now focus on any areas where you have injured before such as your left hamstring, take a note of the strength of the connection and compare to the right side or any other soft tissues that you have injured in the past.

• If there is any areas of note that there is a significant disconnection between the brain and the joint focus on this area.

• Now put all your focus on this area and slowly start to move the joint or muscle slowly up and down, in and out whatever movements that area goes. Slow it right down until the connection becomes strong in your brain.

• Repeat on any joints or muscles until you can perform a bodyscan with a FULL connection on all joints and either sides!

1%ER Tip: Integrate your breathing of in for 2 seconds, out for 6 seconds into this sequence for ultimate results. 

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