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At ProSport Physiotherapy Huddersfield, our aim is to provide our clients with exceptional support, guidance and value for money. Our dedicated VIP Members Area gives you access to all our online exercise libraries, movement systems, books, articles and training resources as well as receiving 1 hours Sports Massage every month included in the price.

Sports Massage Every Month…

After your Sports Massage session with ProSport Physiotherapy, your therapist will guide you and advise you on key muscles and movements to focus on in your warm ups and on a day to day basis. These will all be instantly available for you in the ONLINE VIP MEMBERS AREA until the next time we see you and re assess. You will not only benefit from a regular massage session you will continue to make progress, allowing you to move better, feel better and enjoy life.

We believe, this is what a top class healthcare professional service looks like. We are leading the way in unrivalled support, guidance and reassurance for you to enjoy your life pain free!

Do you service your car? Regularly visit the Dentist? Have your eyes tested?

Take care of  your muscles and joints – They take you everywhere!

The body needs to be treated as one whole system. Your ability to breathe and move better have links to improving your overall health. Todays technology heavy, sedentary society can pull your body and mental wellbeing into a downward spiral. We offer a holistic solution to help you cope with demands of life and help you excel in your chosen sports or hobbies.

VIP Members

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Monthly VIP Membership Gets You:

60 minutes Sports Massage Session every month at either of our Huddersfield clinics

Bespoke ‘Movement Screen’ to screen your body for your chosen sports or hobbies

10% discount on standard physiotherapy appointments for you and your immediate family

Follow Up movement screens every 3rd month

Access To A Private Facebook Group If You Ever Have Any Questions You Need Quick Answers

Allow a Family Member to use your Sports Massage slot if required

Structured movements to focus on each month as part of a warm up or daily routine


Instant 24/7 access to:

Subconscious Breathing Training Program

10 steps to improving your breathing. Your body is working every single second of the day. These techniques will unconsciously improve your ability to sleep better, relax and give your nervous system a chance to reset and function properly.

3D Stretching Library

This library shows you how to truly lengthen your muscles as part of an integrated system. Your muscles need to twist turn and slide independently of each other as you walk, sit and run. We will show you how you can benefit from stretching key muscles correctly and avoid common mistakes. VIP members will have access to all 30 movements.

Foam Rolling Library

Foam rolling is an increasingly popular therapy however done incorrectly will have no benefit whatsoever. We have found that 99% of people who come into our clinic are making the same big mistake when it comes to foam rolling. We will show you how to get the most out of your foam rolling sessions with 2 simple changes. This video library also comes with an e book you can download and have at your side for reference.

Nerve and Muscle Mobilisations Library

We spend so much time sitting or stuck in the same positions throughout the day that sometimes our nerves, muscles and ligaments get bogged down and lose the ability to slide and move independently. Nerves supply the power to muscles and their full function is essential if you are to move better and live pain free. In this video library and accompanying book, we show you how to mobilise the key nerves and muscles effectively. The perfect recovery protocol at your fingertips.

Yoga Movements For Runners Guide

We have had great success modifying yoga type movements into our own unique mobility sessions with our professional athletes on a daily basis. You will have access to 5 key movement flows, modified to move and breathe, the ProSport Physiotherapy way.

Weight Training Libraries

Unfortunately most people we see in the clinic perform common weight training exercises incorrectly despite their background and experience and eventually end up in our clinic in pain. Small changes and coaching cues can make a massive difference to your gym programs. Month by month, we cover key exercises you can master to get the most out of your workouts.

Core Training Library

The core is a popular topic at the moment. We think differently to most about how the core should be trained. We believe it should be trained as part of the whole system rather than a separate entity. The core is fundament to the way your body functions. Whether you are picking your child, lifting something out of your car, pulling or twisting or weightlifting, your core is doing the same job. We have a structured process we use to progress our core training with our elite athletes. Month by month you will receive the exact same exercise progressions and advice


At ProSport Physiotherapy we are continually researching training and practicing in the most cutting edge techniques. As our patient you will directly benefit from our passion and expertise. As a VIP member you will stay ahead of the game and have access to all our programmes.

We have a limited number of spaces for the VIP package. You can access the members area for a special VIP price of £29.99 a month locked in! If our service charges increase for whatever reason, your monthly fee will stay the same for as long as you are a member!

VIP Members

What Will I Receive When I Purchase The VIP Package?

You will instantly receive an email with instant access to all the exclusive VIP member content including how to breathe correctly, what warm ups we recommend, what core exercises we love and so much more.
You can also book your monthly sports massage by booking online, contacting us via email or ringing/text us.

How Do I Book My Monthly Massage?

You can book online, call/text us or just send us an email! Alternatively if a particular time suits the following month, you can just book your next session after you have had your massage.

Do I Have To Use My Massage On The Same Date Every Month?

No, you can use your massage any day in the month you want that we have availability.

What If I Need An Urgent Session And You Guys Are Booked Out?

All we require is 48 hours notice at most. Because you are a VIP member we will offer you two times on the particular day you are requesting. You are a VIP member now and will be treated like one!

Can I Cancel My Monthly VIP Package?

Yes of course, we would never hold you to something you do not want anymore! You just need to cancel before your next payment is due. We just ask that you give us two months commitment to helping your body enjoy the benefits that you will receive and how it makes such a difference to your life.

What About If I Wanted To Rejoin Again?

In the event you want to rejoin the program, you would join the VIP package at the monthly fee that the program is running at.

How Do I Pay For My VIP Members Package?

Once you sign up using the Add to Cart Button below, it simply comes out of your account on that particular day every month. No monthly invoicing or hassle.

What If I Am Away For A Month?

As a VIP Member, you are able to transfer your monthly sports massage once every 4 months. Perfect if you are on holiday or if a family member desperately needs to see us then you can allow them to use your session on this occasion.

VIP Members
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