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Weeks 5-6 Warm Up

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Weeks 5 to 6

This next phase seeks us add some dynamic control to the new mobility you will be receiving from the recommended warm up exercises. We will also progress your breathing retraining and introduce you to some abdominal strengthening exercises via your breathing pattern training.

Just provide enough resistance to engage the abdominals. It is vital that your lower back does not lift off the floor. As always, breathe in for 2 seconds and out for 6 seconds, feeling your abdominals engage as your ribcage depresses. Reach with your hand as you exhale so that your shoulder blade lifts off the floor. Perform 6 deep breaths each side.


Ensure you keep your weight shifted forward throughout. Keep your bra strap/chest bone to the ceiling throughout. Inhale for 2 seconds, exhale for a full 6 seconds. Perform 6 deep breaths.


Perform x12 reps each leg. Ensure like the last phase, that you can feel your glute and quad muscles engage as your centre of mass travels forwards.


Perform x12 repetitions each leg. Ensure that your outside heel stays in contact with the floor throughout.


Ensure that the leg on the floor stays stable and is not allowed to move. Ensure the knee is aligned to the chest. Perform 12 repetitions each leg.


Perform 12 reps each leg. Ensure the ball of big and little toe stay on the floor throughout on the back leg. Ensure the weight shifts forward onto the ball of the big toe as your centre of mass travels forwards.

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